Achieve Near-Zero Downtime with Acronis® vmProtect™ 8

The demand for business-critical applications is growing, the need for constant access to data is a must-have functionality for every organization, and the IT landscape has become more consumerized. In order to support this evolution, you must be confident that you can recover fast from any type of disaster: physical or logical failure, human error or natural disaster.

According to Quantum, Corp., 90 percent of companies feel their data is unsafe from a disaster. If you are among this staggering percentage, you risk lengthy – and costly – downtime after disaster strikes. Even if your budget and IT resources are shrinking,
you do not have to sacrifice disaster preparedness.

Servers that are virtualized on VMware vSphere can leverage Acronis vmProtect 8 for backup, disaster recovery and replication. You can:

Strike a balance.
When it comes to choosing the right disaster recovery solution for your business, you have options. Traditional file backup solutions are inexpensive, but could take several days to recover lost data. On the other hand, clusters and real-time replication
are the fastest forms of recovery, but carry a hefty price tag. The key to cost-effectively achieving optimal uptime is striking a balance: implement a solution that brings together speed, flexibility and affordably.

Plan ahead.
To ensure that data and applications are constantly available, advanced disaster recovery planning for all types of disaster is critical. A combination of server virtualization and new recovery technologies enables timely recovery from a disaster in just minutes, without the need for expensive hardware-based solutions.

Acronis vmProtect 8’s built-in replication feature creates and incrementally updates a stand-by copy of a virtual machine, including all of its disks, on another vSphere host. Plus, it creates always-incremental images of virtual machines, providing the ability to quickly revert back to a “known-good” state.

Recover 100 times faster.
Acronis’ new vmFlashBack™ technology, available exclusively as part of Acronis vmProtect 8, restores only changed data, bringing virtual machines back to life one hundred times faster than ever before possible. vmFlashBack uses Change Block
Tracking (CBT) to determine which blocks of data have been changed since the last backup, and only restores those blocks. This feature is especially valuable when recovering from slow storages, such as remote FTP server or the cloud.

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